We are looking for co-investors to build a wave for classic surfing in London
We have already developed a complex with an artificial wave and are looking for a cool suitable location.

We are looking for co-investors to open our site!
A little bit of history
The first wave pool was built in London in 1934, where the water was slightly wavy because of electric pistons` work, which set in motion huge vanes.

The artificial wave is already functioning in the following cities in Europe: Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Montreux, Lucerne, Madrid, Berlin and Moscow.

74 artificial waves will open in the world by 2024!

About us
Surfbrothers - is a group of companies that consists of a management company and an engineering hydro-dynamic bureau in Moscow, which also designs and manufactures pumping equipment, turbines and other wave components.

The founders of the bureau are graduates of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, specialists from Russia and Germany. The bureau was founded in 2017. In 2018, our project won the second place according to the results of a demo day for investors at the Startup Academy of the Skolkovo Business School.

The first complex with an artificial wave was made, patented and tested during the month of daily work in August 2019.

Our wave
An endless wave for classic surfing, which uses the principle of river rapids. It is perfect for surfboards for the ocean surfing. Suitable for preparing for the Olympic Games.
365 days a year
Love and surfing are the energy of our lives. Every day we surf from morning to evening, and sometimes even at night! In winter and summer!
Just think, power 1 Megawatt (!) It has not happened before in the world.
Energy, hanging out, outstanding surfing on real boards for ocean surfing, waves up to 2 meters, music, night surfing.
Throughput up to 20 people per hour. Up to three people at same time
From soft and gentle for beginners, to super-fast and aggressive for experienced. Controlled wave height from 0.9 meters to 2 meters. Controlled depth and speed of water flow.
Pool size
The pool size is 25*8 meters. Suitable for longboard, bodyboard and kayaking.
New Olympic sport
Investment volume
The project cost is from 2 million pounds.
The planned income is 35% per annum.
Financial model
Сorrectly calculated financial model.
Co-investor requirements
You are bright, successful, surfer.
Everything is perfect in this project: location, wave, staff. And the founders are also very cool.
Smart Money. Besides money, you can be useful to the project. For example, you will help to find and agree on a suitable site.
Invest money, invest intelligence, invest energy.
Investment check from 300 thousand pounds.
The pool investors are small and carefully selected.
Contact Us
Leave the application, write down why you are a dream co-investor.
Vasily Prachev
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